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Dreaming in Code…

January 16, 2013



#Coding Your Dream’s DNA your way!

In thinking about my dream to develop apps and ultimately launch a tech start-up, as well as having talked to several coders–most of whom would all like to take my app ideas in their own direction, I decided how much having some knowledge of basic coding would be beneficial to my dream, and to my future tech co-founder. To be honest though, most of me wanted to avoid having to travel down that treacherous road–learning how to code, from scratch. ARGH! Anything but that.

But such is the life of a brainstormer. I even took time to ponder a deeply philosophical question, in considering if I was completely out of my mind: Will the brain (and mind) allow us to conjure up dreams that are too far beyond our intellectual capabilities? After much thought and consideration, I decided that it does, but only to a certain extent at a time. If it let did let us go to far beyond our capacity, it would risk destroying our dreams with our own failures and disappoints. When it does allow us to venture beyond and dream outside of our apparent capabilities, it is to motivate us, challenge us, and enable us to grow, learn and advance to a higher place intellectually, and sometimes emotionally too.

I can honestly say that even just 5 years ago, I would’ve never considered reading a book on coding, or dreamed of starting a tech start-up, much less attempted to actually start writing code. So apparently I’ve grown in a myriad of ways since that time, inspired by events that have transpired in technology, from Facebook to Twitter and all the minor things in between that have delivered surprising impact. So what the hell I figure. Whatever happens, I will have learned more than I know now. Whatever happens on this journey, I will be better off than I am now. I am realistic though, I don’t have any delusions that I will develop an app on my own. I just want to be better informed and positioned to understand if my potential partners are aligned to the same vision.

I’m starting by reading two books on coding. One book is the story of a beginning coder’s journey and what he learned on the way to developing his first software, called Dreaming in Code. The other is the actual coding book: Objective C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. The journey continues….I hope you will stay with me.


  1. teresa permalink

    sounds good so far,maybe I will learn someything new..

  2. Renee Story permalink

    Gregg, I think you should talk to my husband Paul Story. He’s a web developer and designer with a lot of knowledge of coding and creating various web applications. He’s this amazing balance of creative right brain and linear left brain thinking, which makes for enhanced abilities on both the design and back-end “fronts”. The main reason I bring this up is because unlike many tech savvy people, he can explain complex language and ideas in simplistic terms by using analogies that are relatable. This could help to flesh out some of your ideas around apps etc.
    Let me know what you think.
    By the way, nice blog!


    • Thanks Renee. I would love to talk to your husband sometime. I greatly appreciate the suggestion. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Evan permalink

    Great thoughts Gregg. I think you are right in not wanting to restrict your boundaries by visualizing the mechanics of the build.

    However, speaking as a programmer since my childhood days, I don’t think you will regret this. Coding entails learning a computer language. Just as you translate your thoughts and ideas into human words, you often find those words do not always give justice to your thoughts. However, the dreamer is best served when he has knowledge of the tools in the real world to help recreate the dream.

    Will it limit you? As you already said, I don’t think so either. Many thoughts and dreams can’t be expressed properly but that doesn’t stop you from dreaming or conveying through language as best you can. Our building blocks and tools in the real world will likely never be sufficient to reconstruct our ideas perfectly.

    Coding offers powerful building blocks to transform human ideas into scientific mechanics that can be delivered to millions of people or a lone individual. It is the art of co-mingling science, logic, and human ideas.

    It’s worth studying just for the joy of what it provides…I will draw a parallel from J.R.R. Tolkien who loved language…”No language is justly studied merely as an aid to other purposes. It will in fact better serve other purposes, philological or historical, when it is studied for love, for itself.”

    • Wise and encouraging words. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your great thoughts!

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