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A Vision for Facebook: Worth Repeating

August 29, 2013

People love to speculate about whether or not Zuckerberg truly knows how to monetize Facebook–and most believe he does not, and that may be true at least from a typical perspective. If you think of FB strictly from an investor/shareholder perspective, then perhaps he doesn’t know how to do it at this moment, but he never intended to do so. Facebook monetized itself, so-to-speak. Zuckerberg just focused on building a great product–and that is what he continues to do. The rest–which I am confident will happen– will just be icing on the cake. I think what frustrates people is that he won’t go ahead and monetize in all the ways they see possible–and make everybody instantly rich. Unfortunately, he doesn’t work that way.

I think that kind of thinking stems from the “old, dot-com days,” which by the way, are long gone, so stop longing for them. I missed out on those days too, so I know how you feel. I know people who scored big–and I wish I had too, but longing won’t change that.

#Zuckerberg has a grand #Vision for #Facebook.

The #Vision for Facebook is a sure thing!

I think Zuckerberg still approaches his work as an engineer–which is great for FB and for us too–and not like a start-up CEO–which makes a lot people crazy, because they want him to just go ahead and push the damn button already. He takes slow well-thought-out, planned, methodical steps toward his greater vision and strategy–because he’s not in a hurry. His goal is to deliver the best product possible–the rest will fall into place in time. Part of the true customer-driven business model is knowing that you have to settle for small wins for a while to get the big pay off in the future, once you’ve undertaken true customer engagement to learn what your customers value, what they like and what they want in a product. While that takes time, it can get you to a point where you’ve gained loyal customers who ultimately begin to drive your success–without you ever having to force them or coerce them, because they trust you, your expertise, and your product. Zuckerberg knows that better than probably anyone–that’s why he takes his time. (More on the #CustomerDriven #Business #Model in my next post.)

A few weeks ago, people thought FB stock would tank and land at less than $10-or ultimately crash and burn at less than $1. Now it’s at $30–and it hasn’t even been that long since it was “only $15.” Now $60 seems very feasible. And $100 no longer seems like the impossible dream. And we’ve still got a lot of days to go before 2013 comes to a close. Who knows what could happen. I like to think ‘the sky’s the limit’ on this one, and that helps me to relax and focus on my greater vision.

Here’s to a year of possibilities!


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