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Dear College Graduates

April 2, 2014

grodland: brainstorms that mean business™

They say it’s lonely at the top, but where exactly is the top? Do we ever reach it?

Here is why I ask that question: One of my many nephews is going off to college, finally. I use the word “finally” only to make a point. He’s 21. Although, I wholeheartedly believe 21 is a very good age to begin college, and 25 even better–18 is still too young an age to be granted such freedom, and expected to stay focused at the same time.

I also refer to this with “finally” because at that age when someone decides to put off college, or anything, you never know how long that pause will last. I understand that better than most because I took several pauses in the course of my college career, that after the third one I think everyone pretty much wrote me off. A friend of mine’s…

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