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How to Start Your Six-Figure Journey!

May 9, 2014

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. –Lao Tzu, Chinese Philospher

So it seems everyone would like to make a six-figure salary. My previous blog post on my six-figure journey got the most views ever, which made me think a lot more about this, sometimes mythical seeming, achievement.

First of all, it’s not mythical. It is possible–and more importantly, it is possible for a lot more people than you would imagine. Including you! That said, I will spend the next few months talking about this journey and giving you tips and ideas for how to do it based on what I’ve learned and am still learning about how to move higher on the career ladder.

The Road to Brainstorms

I also want to hear from you about your biggest career and job search challenges, your fears and concerns about career transitioning. I’ll also write about how to make the case for the value you deliver to your employer and the company you work for in order to get more money. I’ll write about those challenges so others can benefit from my experience, and yours too.

Let’s tackle these challenges together and get you started on your six-figure journey today.

A word of caution: This journey is not a easy one, nor one for the faint of heart. As I mentioned before, I gave up a lot to achieve a crash-course in career development and figure out a strategy for making it happen. It takes effort, a lot of brainstorming, reading, observation, confidence–and a lot of willpower and perseverance. But if a 32-year-old slacker can do it, imagine how much easier it will be for you.

If you are starting this journey in your 20s, you’ll be way ahead of me–and if you are starting later, then I am living proof for you that it’s never too late.

I started my journey because I wanted to make a lot more money, but that should not be your sole reason. So as your first exercise you should jot down 5 things that will motivate you to start this journey and stay on it. Money can be one of those five things. And because it’s important to recognize and plan for obstacles and risks, jot down 5 things that could potentially derail you from the journey or make it difficult for you at times to want to continue. When you know the challenges ahead of time, you can plan for them and manage them better when they arise.

Reading books is important on this journey, or at least listening to valuable audio books. Right now I have a goal to read a book a month. I thought that was impressive, then a good friend told me he is reading ten a month! Try for 6 books this year. I will recommend some here.

One of the books I still love and read early on this journey was, Selling the Invisible. It’s a great, easy read. When you can sell something intangible, than think of how easy it is to sell something tangible. The book contains short case studies, about a page, with a lesson learned at the end, which you can quickly apply in your job. The book is tiny, so the pages are tiny too. I say that because I know a lot of people don’t like to read much. Hence, this is the perfect book to start you off.

If you are a more serious reader, start with The First 90 Days. It takes the most valuable learning garnered from supporting and consulting on CEO job transitions or from transitioning people into the role of CEO and helps you to apply it at any level. No matter what job role you’re in today, you will learn something valuable from this book.

Leave comments telling me about your Six-Figure Journey, challenges or dream, or email me at:

Here’s to your success! You can start with just a single step…

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