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Top Ten Things You Need To Know To Make More Money

September 8, 2014

1. Show Drive and Ambition: Take on work others don’t want to do. Employers will value you–and reward you for it too.

2. Always do your Best: Even if your job sucks and you hate it

How to Make More Money

3. Don’t Burn Bridges: Always leave your job on good terms, even if they fail you. You want them to say positive things about you.

4. Never Speak Negatively About Previous Employers: Take your grandma’s advice. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.

5. Don’t Post Your Life Drama on Facebook: It scares off employers. They have enough drama in the workplace already. They don’t need yours too.

6. Always be on the look out for the Next BIG Thing: If you wait until you’re ready to leave your job to look for another, it’ll be stressful and emotional, but if you’re always on the look out, then it becomes a luxury. The sky’s the limit!

7. Stay Open to Learning: If you stop reading, acquiring new skills, and researching after college, you won’t be much competition for most people. And you will likely never make six figures.

8. Apply for Jobs that are Over Your Head: A good challenge will help you learn and grow–and best of all boost your confidence.

9. Never Quit Your Job Before You Have Another: We’re all more appealing when we have a job.

10. Know Your Destination: Each new job should be a stepping stone to your ultimate destination, and each one should help you learn something new and move you up the corporate ladder or advance you on your career path. If it doesn’t, then it’s not worth taking.

BONUS: Never switch jobs for less than a 20% increase–but ask for 25%!


  1. The Facebook comment is very true to me; people don’t seem to understand that employers and recruiters look at social media and how their employees/applicants are using it.

    • Very true. It’s unfortunate that people believe they should be able to post whatever they want to social media without any repercussions–but this point is more important after you get hired, as you are still held to a high standard and everything you do, even outside of work and on social media, can reflect negatively on your employer. If you read your employment contract and employee handbook carefully, you will find a morals clause, or something similar, that holds you to a behavioral standard as part of the terms of your employment. Not adhering to do that is legitimate cause for dismissal.

  2. probably, the other would be to find the job that you like the most! that way you would only be enjoying and earning money too instead of ‘just working’

    • Good point. Loving what you do is a huge bonus, cause if you don’t love it, no amount of money will make it better. Thanks for your comment.

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