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Your Content Strategy on one Page!

February 14, 2016

Start Your 2016 Content Strategy with a few Simple Steps…

Silicon Valley

Content Strategy Road Map

Happy New Year! So now that the  celebration’s are but a fading memory and the resolutions are falling by the wayside, you’re realizing you still don’t have a CONTENT strategy for 2016, which puts you more than 6 weeks behind…just saying.

NO WORRIES! Here is my gift to you. Everything you need to get started on your content strategy on a single page! Use my infographic to get started and impress your boss!

I’m didn’t include all the details yet because I don’t want to overwhelm you. One common challenge I’ve heard from content marketing managers and product managers is that they haven’t documented a strategy because they don’t have time or because they don’t know exactly where to start.

My strategy infographic is meant to provide you a quick framework for envisioning and structuring your strategy. You might also picture it as more of a process flow depending on how you think. Be creative. Use whatever format works best for you.  Download PDF version of my Content Strategy on-a-Page.

Gregg's Content Strategy on-a-Page_ OVW 2016

Keep it simple: Start by thinking of only the big chunks of information and I think you’ll realize you already know most of what’s needed.

Most of the elements probably already exist somewhere within your organization’s knowledge repository, all you need to do now is find them and start pulling them together into a cohesive strategy. Also figure out which social media platforms will give you the most bang for your buck. Are your potential customers are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter? Start with one, learn what works, then add others later.

Keep in mind that developing your strategy requires both a strategic understanding of the end-to-end marketing/sales funnel and customer journey as well as a tactical mind for planning the development, management, alignment, and distribution of the content. That may require two heads instead of just one: A thinker and a Doer. Include everyone on your team who should have a say in the strategy development process or who will be expected to use the content, especially those who know the product and the target audience(s).

Best wishes on your strategy–and feel free to email me with questions. comments, etc. In my next blog post I will follow up with more details.

Here’s to a year of success and growth, and great content that actually drives business!

More to come…


— g_ROD


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